Mangos now has a massively modern and chic interior. The restaurant comprises of a colorful dining section for those looking to entertain their palettes and enjoy live entertainment. It also includes a separate club area with two full bars, black leather couches, illuminated waterfall wall decor, multiple TV screens, a DJ booth, and LED light-up tables. Skillful DJs, live music and other variety acts will provide sensory appeal to all "Mangoers". For corporate events and private parties, there are various rooms available for private events, complete with the highest quality video, audio and lighting equipment useful for presentations and other entertainment purposes.

The menu at Mangos has also undergone a facelift, representing, today more than ever, the truly emblem of American Fusion, curated by award-winning Chef Francesco Giuzio (who formerly worked at Mia Bella Roma in Miami Beach). Whether you're indulging in a full course lunch with your friends, having a small appetizer at the bar or munching on a midnight snack in the club, the cuisine at Mangos is sure to rouse your taste buds!

Mangos accepts all walk-ins or reservations may be made in advance by calling (954) 523-5001 or (954) 523-7950.